Unlock kit

Unlock kit for VAG 1.6 TDI equipped with PCR2.1 ECU
SKU: 14P600KT05


Type: Bikes, Cars, Trucks
Product: KESSv2
Target: Chiptuner, ECU Repairer, Enthusiast
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Unlock kit for of the VAG group with 1.6TDI engine, equipped with PCR2.1. ECU

Il Unlock kit for VAG PCR2.1 it includes:

  • 14P600BTLR: Bootloader Module
  • 14P600KT02: Cable flat rainbow
  • 1400SWALIM: Power supplier including different plugs according to the nation where it’s used

for further info and details please take a look to the Alientech supported vehicles’ list. You will find it among the available attachments.

  • Coated with ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene: thermoplastic polymer)



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