Lanyard in turkish satin
SKU: 20GALC0001
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Product: Alienwear
Target: Chiptuner, ECU Repairer, Enthusiast
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In light and soft satin, but strong at the same time , with the ALientech logo decorating it in all its length.

An easy to use karabiner; it can be used also as a keychain! but not only; what makes it a unique item, is the USB cap that will prevent you to lose your USB dongle, perfect for your ECM Titanium.

It doesn't matter how you call it, this one is unique!

  • Raso Turco robusto ma leggero
  • Logo Alientech serigrafato
  • Pratico moschettone da usare come porta chiavi
  • Doppio filo
  • Porta tappo for pen drive in silicone nero
  • Lunghezza: 53 cm



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