Kit of cables for ECU connection

Kit of cables to establish connection with ECUs
SKU: 144300KTST


Product: K-TAG
Target: Chiptuner, ECU Repairer
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This is the kit of flat cables that allows you to link the K-Tag to the Adapter to be soldereds or directly to the adapters for the positioning frame; or in case to solder onto the programming pads of the main ECUs.

The kit includes:

  • 144300T100
  • 144300T101
  • 144300T102
  • 144300T103
  • 144300T104
  • 144300T105
  • 144300T106
  • 8 IDC 10 pin connectors, female and polorized
  • 8 Strips M/M pace 1,27 mm
  • 8 female strip F pace 2,54 M/M

  • Flat cables
  • Flat cables Rainbow
  • Pin strips



Tools for Chiptuning