Cable-adapter Renault

Cable- adapter to establish connection to the diagnostic port for trucks of the groups Man and Renault
SKU: 144300K214


Type: Trucks
Product: KESSv2
Target: Chiptuner, ECU Repairer, Enthusiast
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Cable-Adapter for Renault. This cable is specific for the Man and Renault groups

The Renault cable-adapter can be used on trucks of the MAN and Renault group, to be used with the Cable DAF – MAN – Scania 144300K208 or with the cable Volvo – Renault 144300K217. For more details please check the Alientech supported vehicle list. You can find it in the available attachments.

  • Coated with ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene: thermoplastic polymer)
  • Cable – Adapter to establish connection with trucks of the MAN and Renault group.



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